Community Outreach

Branch members teach, serve on committees, accept major fundraising responsibilities, and commit to making our local community more aware of women’s issues and educational needs.

Hope House, Redwood City, California

Three residents and their infants at Hope House

Branch members were there in December 1990, helping equip what has become “a home and family for life” for women from jail, detox units, psych units, shelters and the street. The women of Hope House spend six months learning the roles and responsibilities, as well as the communication, team-building, nutrition, anger management and parenting skills that result in success as adult women in the community at large.

Classes, including Stanford University courses taken for credit, supplement a six-month program of individual and group therapy, nutrition and cooking classes, 12-Step meetings on-site and in the community, relapse prevention and self-esteem building, quilting and knitting, art therapy, yoga and circuit training for physical fitness. All coursework is evidence-based.

Transitional housing and services are available for women — and separately for men — who wish to continue their rehabilitation while working or attending school. As former clients have discovered, once you have moved on, “You can always come back to Hope House and hang out — to laugh, to cry, to be understood and supported” by compassionate staff and current residents. The motto — “You are never alone” — is a lived reality at Hope House.

San Carlos Branch members are still providing household and personal items to support the work of Hope House.